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Prophetic Voice Ministers


Through a visitation, God planted deep in the heart of Apostle Williams a yearning to see ministers of the gospel trained, so they might rise up in their divine purpose and act as a powerful, cutting edge, prophetic voice to all nations.

Over the past years since this meeting has started, we have witnessed God moving in a supernatural way in the lives of ministers and their ministries have experience a powerful visitation of the Holy Spirit thereby making their vision more purposeful and their mandate from God more eventful.

If you are a minister of the gospel or a leader in your church or you have a calling of God upon your life, this meeting is for you.

Come join hundreds of ministers who receive the call from the Lord harvest (Matt 9:37) took a firm grip of their destinies, arose with one voice and ushered in the presence of God.

Prophetic Voice Ministers (PVM) seeks to

• Bring ministers back to the root of their calling as written in Ephesians 4 verses 7 & 11.

• Educate and impart to ministers to fulfil their sacred mandate as stated in Mal. 2 verse 7.

• Equip ministers to disciple nations as commanded in Matt. 28 verses 19-20.

• Prepare God’s people for His return as written in 2nd Cor. 5 verse 10.


Bethesda Building
56-62 New Cross Road
London SE14 5BD


Apostle ATB Williams

International Prophetic Voice Ministers' meeting dates to be confirmed